Marketing Strategies and Tips For Better Results
at Max Ad Co-op and Everywhere Else.

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Maximize Your Advertising Efforts For Maximum Results

Anybody that tells you internet marketing is easy is lying. It's hard work and often frustrating. There's more to it than just posting a pre-made ad on a site and sitting back waiting for the cash to come in. If you do that, you'll probably be waiting a very long time. These tips, although they require a little extra work, will help improve your chances at success.

If you have a large advertising budget, you can actually live the internet dream. You simply logon to some advertising sites, pay for some ads, and then log off and go about your day. Unfortunately, most people that are internet/affiliate marketers are just starting out and they don't have the money to spend on advertising or they aren't sure if they want to spend money on paid advertising. If you are not going to buy advertising, you will have to exchange your time for free advertising. This is where the "time = money" saying comes into play. You either need to spend time or spend money to advertise and build your business. Either way, whether you pay for advertising or use free advertising, you'll find the following information helpful for getting the most out of your advertising efforts.

1. Use a custom splash/capture page

I don't recommend using a corporate splash page and capture page. Sure, these work fine if the site is less than a few months old, but any longer than that and you'll want to use a splash/capture page that is unique. When I approve advertisements at Max Ad Co-op, this is probably one of the biggest mistakes I see people making. The corporate pages are overused and traffic exchange users become immune to them. They've seen them so many times that they don't pay even a little bit of attention to them. Grab their attention by creating your own unique splash/capture page. There are several free resources out there that you can use to create your own pages. One of my personal favorites is Canva. You're limited to your imagination with possibilities, but it does require having your own hosting. If you already have hosting then you can just add your creations to your existing account. If you don't have hosting, then head over to and setup an account for free hosting.

2. Visitor Distribution

It's beneficial to know if a site distributes visitors per member or per ad. If it's per member you want as few ads as possible so that the attention is focused on just those ads and not dispursed across multiple ads. If it is per ad, then you want to add your advertisement multiple times to get your ad seen more often. Max Ad Co-op distributes visitors per ad. This means if you want more visitors to a certain ad, or you want to maximize your ad exposure, you'll want to enter that ad into the system multiple times. Just remember that the more times it is entered, the faster your visitors or impressions will get used up. So you'll want to test it to find what works best for you and your budget. If you're a Max Member and not interested in earning or purchasing additional visitors, you'll want to try to figure out how many times you can add your site to get the maximum amount of visitors without running out of visitors from the complimentary purchase.

3. Often Overlooked Affordable Advertising

If you're willing to purchase additional advertising, don't underestimate the power and affordability of text ads. At Max Ad Co-op, we know it takes a lot of exposure for text ads to be effective, which is why I offer a large amount of text ad impressions for very little. What's great about text ads is that when someone clicks, they're clicking because you've caught their attention and they are interested in more information.

4. Rabbits will never be successful marketers

If you find yourself hopping around like a rabbit going from program to program, stop being silly. You have to regain control of yourself and stay in one place. Many people that are trying to become internet/affiliate marketers have fallen into the endless cycle of program hopping. They join a business opportunity, don't make any money in their first month or two, then quit and join another, don't make anything with that one in the first month or two, so they quit that one and join another. It becomes an endless cycle until they eventually give up, broke and frustrated. If this sounds like you, then this tip and the next tip is one you really need to focus on and apply.

5. Stay Focused

Focus on building just one business at a time. The key word here is "focus". It is easy to get distracted and many people fall into the trap of trying to join everything they see and build all of them at the same time. If you're not in profit with your current business opportunity yet, why would you start a second, or a third? The more businesses you're trying to build, the less attention each one gets. Too many at once will dilute your advertising efforts and signups will be few and far between. Focus your time and energy into building just one business, at least until you are making a profit from it. Stick with it! It may take you a few days or a few months, but just focus on that one business. Once you have built one profitable business, then you can move onto another one if you really want to. There are some good sites out there that will help you build multiple businesses at one time by using a funnel system that allows you to simply promote 1 link. You can consider using one of these types of programs if you wish.

6. A Higher ratio means less time

If you're a traffic exchange surfer, surf the exchanges that offer high surfing ratios. The better the surf ratio, the less clicking you have to do to get your site seen. We recommend surfing any sites that you are upgraded in and include the following sites that offer a 1:1 surf ratio without having to upgrade. This is where the benefit of Max Ad Co-op shines the brightest. You can surf just a few sites and get your ad seen at those sites plus everywhere else, but be sure that you add your co-op link at the sites you're surfing. Otherwise, you'll only be getting views to your ads from the members of the sites you surf. Here are some of our favorite sites that offer a 1:1 surf ratio without having to upgrade: