2019's Hottest Online Businesses
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One of the hottest trends for 2019 is starting an online business and working from home.

There are literally millions of people that are running an online business from the comforts of their home already and thousands more starting their own online business every day. The dream of being your own boss and having the ability to spend more time with your family doesn't have to be a dream. This lifestyle is probably a lot easier than you may think.

For as little as $10 anyone can be up and running with their own home based business today. No techie know-how required. No product inventory to worry about. Thanks to affiliate marketing anyone can start a successful online business from the comfort of their home. We've sorted through many and finally settled on the following businesses as the best of the best. They are trusted and time-proven and can be started for less than the cost of a dinner out. Each can easily earn you a J.O.B. replacing income.

So what makes these the hottest businesses of 2019?

The Demand: Anyone that decides to start any kind of business online needs the proper tools to do so. Each of these businesses provides the tools that they will need. Rather than try to sell to a specific market, go for all of them. During the California Gold Rush of 1848 it was those that sold the tools that really struck it rich. They worked out of a cozy shop and the customers came to them seeking the tools they needed. Hundreds of thousands of people seeking to strike it rich during the gold rush couldn't even get started without the proper tools.

The Products: Because these businesses offer services and web tools, there is no product inventory to deal with, no shipping hassles or costs, and no minimum product that you have to buy, even though you don't want it, so it just piles up in your house. They aren't leisure products that people want but don't really need. These products are the services and tools that they absolutely need to have if they want to build a business and make any kind of serious money online.

Residual Income: If you don't have your own personal mailing list, promoting one-time sales are a big NO-NO, unless you want to work the rest of your life. Why would anyone work tirelessly to get a one-time sale, get the commission, and then have to work to get the next sale if they want to get paid again? It just doesn't make sense. The businesses listed below offer residual income. Which means you make a sale and you get paid a commission from that sale this month, and next month, and the month after that. You keep getting paid every month that person continues using the services.

So now I present to you...The 3 Hottest online businesses for 2019.

1. All In One Profits

The Product: All In One Profits, commonly called by its acronym AIOP, is one of the cheapest and best affiliate businesses that someone could start. Practically a business in a box, AIOP provides its customers with everything you could possibly need to build a website. They offer quality web hosting that allows you to easily build any kind of website you would like.

Included in the small monthly price is a cPanel Control Panel, unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin, unlimited email accounts for your domain, and you can choose from over 75 open-source scripts to install with just 1 click. Everything from blogs to E-commerce sites can quickly and easily be built. Also included is a free autoresponder service that allows you to setup unlimited autoresponders with unlimited campaigns, unlimited subscribers, sign up forms, and 99.99% delivery rate. You can send text or HTML emails and they even have pre-made templates that you can use if you don't feel like designing your own.

The Opportunity: The AIOP affiliate program pays 100% commissions but works on an "even-up" referral system. Every even numbered referral that you introduce gets passed up to your sponsor. This means that you keep every odd numbered referral, and each of those will pass their even numbered referral up to you, and each of them will pass their even referral up to you, and so on. Although it may seem to start out slow, the continual pass ups will quickly build you a nice little income.

The Cost: $11.50 a month for Basic or $21.76 a month for Pro

2. Global Domains International

Take A 7 Day 100% Free Trial

The Product: GDI provides you with the opportunity to get your own domain name, hosting included, and easily build yourself a website with their SiteBuilder tool in just minutes. No design experience required. Each domain name comes with 10 custom email addresses for your domain name. It also comes with free domain forwarding. If you have an existing site you can forward your new .ws domain to direct customers to your existing site. You can also create your own site from scratch using the 10GB hosting that is included in your monthly subscription.

The Opportunity: With a Basic account you will earn $1 for every domain name registered down five levels below you. So if you refer 5 people who each register 1 domain name you'll earn $5 a month. If they each refer 5 people (25 in total) you'll now earn $30 a month. This goes the whole way down five levels deep so over time you can potentially earn a nice income just for introducing a few people to GDI. If you refer 5 new people a week that become active with a domain name you earn $100 bonus, and that's for every 5 people. If you have 25 new people in a week that's a $500 bonus.

The Cost: 7 Day Free Trial then just $10 a month for Basic or $40 a month for Premium

3. TrafficWave

Take a 30 Day 100% Free Trial

The Product: TrafficWave provides unlimited email marketing services for one low price. Unlike others that charge you more as your email list grows, TrafficWave will never increase in price. Have unlimited lists with an unlimited number of subscribers. Create opt-in forms or use one of the many pre-made, customizable capture page templates that are included. You can setup an auto-responder to send out an email series or send a broadcast instantly or at a desired time. Includes tracking so you can track your open rates and click-through rates. Truly everything you need in an email service at a super low price!

The Opportunity: TrafficWave offers four ways for you to earn as an affiliate but the main two are the Fast Track Bonus and the residual income.

1. They offer a 100% Fast Track Bonus on all new active customer sales, paid weekly.

2. The residual income, meaning money every month without any additional work, is unlocked as soon as you have 1 active sale. It works on a 3x10 forced matrix so you will earn monthly commissions on everyone in your organization whether you introduced them to TrafficWave or another member of your organization introduced them. With just 1 sale you'll be able to earn on 3 levels. Once you make sale number 5 you'll unlock 2 more levels and a higher commission on your level 2 and 3 sales. Once you have brought in 10 personally referred active sales, you'll unlock 5 more levels and higher commissions on all levels.

3. They also offer Leadership bonuses, which earns you up to 50% more in bonuses if you have new active sales in the previous and current month.

4. You get 10% commissions when anyone you introduce to TrafficWave purchases one of their "Guaranteed Visitor" packages.

The Cost: 30 Day Free Trial then just $17.95 a month

We recommend starting with one of these top businesses and working on it until you are earning a profitable income from it. Once you have achieved a profitable status from your first business choose a second and do the same with it. Once you've achieved a profitable status with the second business, start on the third.

Each of the businesses are structured to continue increasing your monthly income even if you stop working on it once you have brought in a few active affiliates. Be sure to reach out to any new affiliates that you bring in and offer them assistance and advice. Your success is dependant upon their success. Before you know it, you'll build a nice monthly income that will enable you to quit your J.O.B and start working from home full time.

*Earnings Disclaimer: These are real businesses and must be treated as such. They are not get-rich-quick schemes. You cannot start a business, do nothing, and make money...online or offline. Your earnings will depend solely on your efforts. The more time you put into your business, the better you will do. The more you advertise it, the faster it will grow into a J.O.B. replacing income.