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Bobby Kennedy
AIOP Rotator Club

"I am a happy member of Max Ad Co-op. If you're looking for an affordable source of responsive traffic, this is the place. I get a steady flow of opt ins and sales from this site, and it has become my "go to" site for affordable traffic that converts. It's also easy to get referrals here because of the value they offer. I have no hesitation recommending it to my team and fellow marketers. This site is one of the main reasons my team has been growing so quickly."

Adam Raley
Purely Passive Profits

"Hi! Top-notch traffic co-op, ULTRA-Affordable, and YES, I am getting fresh leads, too! You can't go wrong here!"

Richard Daigle
Cash Juice

"I really enjoy the excellent traffic my sites get with Max Ad Co-op. The owner/admin is very proactive and provides excellent support. I recommend joining and upgrading with this effective traffic resource."

Miriam Potter
50 Cents Fortune

"Max Ad Co-op is the best traffic site on the internet for results, and Nicole is one of the few webmasters that truly cares about your internet business. Avoid the scam sites, and be part of the best. When recruiting people to a site you are promoting, they will usually only stay for a few months, and then jump onto the next program. Having said that, they will stay with this site, because it's one of the few good ones online. This is the first site I have belonged to, where people who I recruited, have upgraded. Wow!"

Jeffrey Mars
Viral Commando Profits

"I can say that my sites receive excellent traffic from Max Ad Co-op. The value here is exceptionally affordable and the bonus of free visitors has been over 5000 twice a month. My sites get more visits from this source than from any other traffic site. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Max Ad Co-op to fellow marketers. In fact I recommend joining and upgrading with this highly affordable and effective resource. For the price of a Starbucks coffee you can upgrade for a month."

Frank Lefebre
On Fire To Retire!

"Max Ad Co-op has really given a boost to my business and I highly recommend it! I have been full-time online since 2009. If you're serious about making money on the internet you must treat your business like a business... and advertise it. Max Ad Co-op is an affordable and effective solution for anyone who is serious about growing their business...thanks Nicole!"

Jan Martelius
V Traffic Rush

"MaxAdCoop is a goldmine of advertising for just $3/month, I'm happy with the traffic I'm receiving, the friendly support and fast commission payments. This co-op is definately a keeper."

Edward Romero
Grow Phenomenal

"You can buy clicks anywhere, but you need results."

"I have been a part of Max Ad Co-op for about 1 month. I HAVE RECEIVED MORE SIGN UPS AND SALES HERE THAN WITH A VENDOR THAT CHARGES YOU AT THE CHEAPEST $60 FOR 100 CLICKS. THIS IS PERFECT IF YOUR A NEWBIE OR YOU ARE ON A TIGHT BUDGET. Max Ad Co-op is my new home for new sign up and sales."

Stuart Hickling

"Hello My name is Stuart Hickling, I was introduced to MaxAdCoop by a friend and fellow Internet Marketer and WOW! I'm glad I was. I joined as a free member and posted my banners and text ads and got 500 views immediately to my ads. I took the Max Member Subscription a month later and my sales doubled. The owner Nicole and Admin always replies to any request and honestly where else can you get 10,000 visitors to your offers? This site ROCKS!"

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